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What is Emit Water Element (WATER)? All infomation about Emit Water Element

The EMIT Core Protocol is a decentralized blockchain protocol, standards and rules for nodes in the EMIT Core decentralized network to maintain ledger data and interact with each other. These nodes operate independently and exchange information in a network environment, forming a scalable, efficient, and tamper-proof decentralized infrastructure.

The protocol is the cornerstone of the decentralized(crypto) world of EMIT, and as such it requires the following characteristics in addition to the basic features of a public blockchain, and faces the following challenges.

Consensus of all kinds without FT tokens, and natural cross-chain support. This will enable better use of existing blockchain assets, and will allow users to place their purpose on the ecosystem and the ecosystem assets on top of it, rather than on the assets defined by EMIT Core itself.

Elastic scaling to support perpetual development of the entire EMIT. This requires scalability in terms of compute, storage, bandwidth, etc. to handle the future needs of growing business.

Ease of complex DApp development. The future EPOCH Ecosystem may be highly complex. It is very difficult to design such complex DApps in the traditional application framework in the form of virtual machines, so EMIT Core needs to support and simplify their development.

Supporting complex assets. In addition to FT assets, the EPOCH ecosystem will have a wide variety of productive activities involving NFT assets, and asset types will become diverse. That makes it important to natively support complex asset types in a unified form.

User privacy protection. Privacy is everyone’s right, and a symbol of people’s independence and freedom, and EMIT Core needs to support privacy-enabled assets and transactions.

Emit Water Element WATER icon symbol

Emit Water Element (WATER) is a token issued on blockchain of BNB

الموقع الالكترونى: https://emit.technology

الوثائق التقنية:

التغريد: https://twitter.com/emit_protocol

ريديت: https://reddit.com/r/emit_protocol

ثَرْثَرَ: https://t.me/emit_protocol

شفرة المصدر: https://github.com/emit-technology

لوحة الرسائل: https://emitprotocol.medium.com

Emit Water Element مستكشف:

Emit Water ElementEmit Water Element market

1 WATER = 0,010510856505713 USD (-3.24%)
1 WATER: ≈ 0 اليورو
القيمة السوقية:N/A
حجم (24h):228 USD
العرض المتداول:غير متوفر
إجمالي العرض:100.000.000 WATER
ترتيب القيمة السوقية:6840 / 10127

إقرأ المزيد: Emit Water Element Price Index

Convert Emit Water Element (WATER) to اليورو

Convert اليورو to Emit Water Element (WATER)

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